About the Bad Girl brand!

Brand History

In 1998, BAD GIRL was created by Jean-Marc Tostee as a specialised "sister-line" to BAD BOY, which developed clothing and accessory product lines for "spirited" young ladies who love the fun, gorgeous side of life.

BAD GIRL was created not to be just another young girl’s beach brand like all other resort wear brands, but instead it’s identity is "Gorgeous Youth Casual Fashion Lifestyle"

BAD GIRL has developed into an international brand over the past few years, and is now sold in America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand & Brazil, & of course S.A

Our target market is aimed at the young, trendy, fashion conscious person, who likes to express her individuality in the way she accessorizes by adding just the right touch and edge to her outfit.

Identity of Consumer

Both brands have successfully gained appeal across all ages: The Targeted market is 14-26 year old individuals, mainly AB & C income groups, male & female.

This includes college students & young professionals, sports & fashion enthusiasts, across all races.

The "Trickle Down" marketing theory is applied whereby the brand image is promoted at a premium level only in sophisticated glossy magazines and on TV and the brand shave been readily adopted by the influential Trend-setters.

From here the image is allowed to "trickle downwards" to other age groups and explains why the brands are perceived as "Cool" to over 30 years & alot younger. It’s an aspirational pull.

What makes BAD BOY & BAD GIRL a continuing success in South Africa?

The high level of brand acceptance is as a result of effective key strategies resulting in more consumers converted to our brand due to our unique mix of "COOL, QUALITY & PRICE"